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Giotis Hotel in Ioannina is a modern four star hotel, located on the national road Ioannina-Athens at a very short distance from Egnatia Road.

Its advanced construction, its modern interior design, its responsible service and easy accessibility welcome visitors, offering them carefree vacations and warm hospitality.

Visit Ioannina and enjoy your stay at Giotis Hotel.

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RESERVATION HOTLINE (0030) 26510 93833

Your unforgettable stay, our ultimate goal!

Giotis Hotel in Ioannina is a peaceful place with 18 spacious comfortable rooms and large common areas.

With its austere design, combining granite with dark wooden furniture, it blends modern with classical ant its earthy colours help visitors relax.

A wide corridor leads to the hotel rooms, which are equipped with anatomical mattresses, promising nights full of relaxation.

The main features of Giotis hotel are cleanliness, beauty and comfort, which can guarantee a pleasant stay for its guests.


Discover the beauty of Ioannina and Epirus accommodated on one of our rooms. Enjoy our hospitality, warmth and relaxation.


Find information about events hosted in Hotel Giotis at Ιoannina.

Discover the Beauty of Ioannina and the Local Area

The Castle
The castle of Ioannina is built on a small, ricky, peninsula on the Western shore of lake Pamvotis. One of the most beautiful places of the city, which you must not miss visiting. Take o stroll inside its high stone walls, or along the leafy lakeside path surrounding it and you will be mesmerized.

The Lake
Lake Pamvotis, the second oldest European lake after the one in Orchid, also known as Lake of Ioannina, is indisputably a gem for the city. It bears two main characteristics the castle of Ioannina and the renowned Nisaki, a small island.

Nisaki, the Island of Ioannina
Take a boat ride across the lake to its famous island and live an unforgettable experience! One of the few inhabited lake islands around the world and probably the only one without a proper name – Nisaki means small island in greek. However, it has gained worldwide fame by the name “Island of lake Pamvotis” or “Island of Ioannina”.

The Vrellis Museum
Located just 12kms from the centre of the city and very close to our hotel is the Wax Figure Museum of Pavlos Vrellis.

The Ancient Theatre of Dodoni
The archeological site of Dodoni is situated 22kms southern of Ioannina and is accessible via Egnatia Road. One of the most important ancient greek theaters is the theatre of Dodoni. The oracle of Dodoni is often mentioned by ancient greek writers as the oldest in the world.

The Cave of Perama
Almost 4 kms from the centre of Ioannina, following the old road to Metsovo, you will find one of the most important caves worldwide, the cave of Perama, renowned for its stalactites and stalagmites.

Ιωάννινα - Ξενοδοχείο Hotel Giotis

The Local Area

Discover the beauty of Ioannina and the local area.